Kung Pao Cauliflower with Edamame Rice & Chopped Peanuts

Kung Pao Cauliflower with Edamame Rice

fresh ingredients


  • 10 oz
  • 6 oz
    jasmine rice
  • 3 oz
  • 4 oz
    bell pepper
  • 2 oz
  • 1 oz
  • 1 oz
    chili garlic paste
  • 2 oz
    ginger/onion/garlic/sesame blend
  • 2 oz
    green onion
  • 8 oz
    kung pao sauce
  • 2 oz
    fresh cilantro

Not Included

Salt & pepper

Olive oil 


Kitchen Items Needed

Small saucepan with lid 

Medium skillet 

Wooden spoon

Rimmed baking sheet 

12oz measured water 

Box grater

cook along



Preheat oven to 425°F with a rack in the centre;

Pick cilantro leaves from stems; finely chop stems, keeping leaves whole;

Trim end from cauliflower & cut into 1-inch florets;

Thinly slice green onion, separating green & white bits;

Core & thinly slice bell peppers;

Grate carrots.

1Cook Rice

In the same saucepan, combine rice & measured water, & a pinch of salt; bring to a boil. Cover & cook over low heat until rice is tender & water is absorbed, about 17 minutes. Place edamame on top, cover & let sit off heat until step 6.       

2Roast Cauliflower

Meanwhile, on a rimmed baking sheet, toss cauliflower with 1½ tablespoon oil, white parts of onion & season with salt & pepper. Spread cauliflower into a single layer & roast on center rack until cooked through, 15 – 20 minutes. 

3Prepare Veggies

Meanwhile, add ginger/garlic blend to skillet & cook over medium high heat for 30 seconds until fragrant. Add peppers & cook until just tender, 4-5 minutes. Turn off the heat, add carrots, mix, set aside. 

4Finish Cauliflower

Once cooked, add half of the sauce, ½ chili garlic sauce (careful, it's spicy!) directly on the baking sheet & toss well.   

5Chop Peanuts & Serve

Roughly chop peanuts. Fluff rice with a fork. Serve rice topped with roasted cauliflower, veggies & green parts of onion. Drizzle with remaining sauce, extra chili garlic paste & garnish with chopped peanuts & cilantro leaves. Enjoy!