Lebanese Chicken Skewers with Herbed Cauliflower Salad & Garlicky Lemon Yogurt Sauce

Lebanese Chicken Skewers with Herbed Cauliflower Salad

fresh ingredients


  • 12 oz
    marinated chicken
  • 6 oz
    cauliflower florets
  • 2 oz
    fresh parsley, cilantro & dill
  • 4 oz
    green olives & red wine vinegar mix
  • 4 oz
  • 1 oz
    pumpkin seeds
  • 8 oz
    Greek yogurt
  • 1 oz
    garlic & lemon juice
  • 4 oz
  • 4 oz
  • 4

Not Included

Salt & pepper

Olive oil 


Kitchen Items Needed

Cutting board & knife

Large bowl

Small bowl 

2 baking sheets (lined with foil)

Spoon/fork (for mixing)

cook along



Soak skewers in water;

Preheat oven at 450°F. Adjust racks in the oven – one rack 5-6 inches from the top of the oven & one rack on the lower part of the oven;  

Remove all stems from herbs & chop finely, separating into piles;

Cut lemon into wedges;

Roughly chop olives, removing pits if necessary;

Cut cucumbers in small bite size pieces;

Skewer the chicken leaving slight gap between each piece – use gloves if you wish.

1 Roast Cauliflower

On a baking sheet or oven safe dish, combine cauliflower, a large drizzle of olive oil, & a pinch each of salt & pepper. Arrange lemon wedges around the cauliflower. Transfer to the oven & roast on the bottom rack for 15-20 minutes (watching carefully so they don’t burn) until tender.

2Cook Chicken Skewers

Skewer the chicken leaving slight gap between each piece, place on a baking sheet & cook on the top rack of the oven. Cook on one side for 8-10 minutes, then turn over & cook for a further 8-10 minutes until fully cooked & no longer pink inside. 

3Make Yogurt Sauce

In a small bowl, combine the yogurt, garlic & lemon juice. Season with salt & set aside.

4Make Salad

In a large bowl, add chopped parsley & dill, olives, red wine vinegar, & large drizzle of olive oil, season with salt & pepper & mix together. 

Once cooked, remove the lemon wedges from the baking sheet. Finely chop the lemons, rind & all, discarding any of the seeds. Add the chopped lemon to the large bowl with the above ingredients (tip: if you don’t want to eat rind cut larger pieces & scrape off lemon when eating).

Add cooked cauliflower, cucumbers, & pumpkin seeds to the bowl & toss well. Cover to keep warm until serving. 

5Prepare Flatbread

Rub a small amount of olive oil on both sides of the flatbread. Place flatbread in the oven, directly on the lower rack, to warm for a few minutes, watching carefully that it doesn’t burn. 

6To Serve

Remove flatbread from the oven & cut in half. Spread the yogurt sauce onto plates. Add cauliflower salad & chicken skewers. Sprinkle cilantro & serve with warm flatbread. Enjoy!